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G30S/PKI (Gerakan 30 September PKI) – 1965, Indonesia

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PKI is stand for “Partai Komunis Indonesia” or in english is “Indonesian Communist Party”. PKI is the biggest communist party in the entire world, outside Tiongkok and Uni Soviet. PKI members are around 3.5 million, plus 3 million of the youth movement. PKI also controls the trade union movement which has 3.5 million members and Barisan Tani Indonesia peasant movement has 9 million members. Including the Gerakan Wanita Indonesia (Gerwani), PKI has over 20 million members and supporters.

The Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) aimed to become the largest legal party in the nation of Indonesia. It was already the second largest before its existence was finally outlawed. Following the attempted coup d’etat in September 1965, the Indonesian people insisted that the government dismantle the Indonesian Communist Party. Communist beliefs are still forbidden in Indonesia.

The chairman of the Indonesian Communist Party, D.N.Aidit, that time he was very close to the first Indonesian President, Soekarno. Soekarno was used by the communist to penetrate (succeed in forcing a way) all levels of the Indonesian community and to introduce communist ideal throughout the land.

NASAKOM (Nationalism, Religion and Communist) in Indonesia was supported by President Soekarno nearly in June 1965. To empower the communist in Indonesia, the PKI also requested that President Soekarno arm the farmers and laborers. Lieutenant General Ahmad Yani, Minister and Chief Commander of the Indonesian Army disapproved of this request in January 1965.

The Dewan Jendral or The Generals Council had an issue that time where there was a document called the Gilchrist named after the British Ambassador given to Indonesia.

United State was worried that Indonesia might become a fully communist since Indonesia is a big country and they had a very large population. The CIA wanted Soekarno to dismiss the PKI, but Soekarno did not wanted to. The CIA send spies to Indonesia to collect information about the PKI’s situation. But not  long after, Soekarno found out about the spies that was send by the United State. He then decided to step away from the United Nations (UN) and protect the PKI. The United States became more worried because Soekarno stepped away from the United Nation and protected the PKI even more and since PKI continued to grow, they were worried that Indonesia might become a fully communist country.

“G – 30 – S/PKI” actually stands for “Gerakan 30 September” or in english, “30th September Movement of the Indonesian Communist Party”. But on the first of October 1965 at 3:15 AM, seven groups of troops in trucks and buses consisted soldiers from the Tjakrabirawa (Presidential Guard), the Diponegoro (Central Java) and Brawijaya (East Java) division kidnaped the seven generals. Three of the intended victims which were the Amry Lieutenant General Ahmad Yani, Major General M.T.Haryono and Brigadier General D.I.Panjaitan) were killed at their homes. While the other three General, Major General Soeprapto, Major General S.Parman and Brigadier General Sutoyo were taken alive. One of the General which was General Abdul Harris Nasution managed to escape by jumping over a wall and his personal aide. First Lieutenant Pierre Tendean was captured by mistake after being mistaken for Nasution. The generals corpse were thrown in to the Lubang Buaya and some were shot. All the bodies of all the victims were thrown down a disused well (Lubang Baya).

After the bodies were discovered, General Soeharto blamed the PKI that they killed the generals.

When Dr.Arief Budianto, the doctor who did the autopsy of the three general’s body, he said, “I got three bodies to examine, not a single one of the bodies do refine the penis sliced or we don’t find sign of torturing. Nobody is glad to sign our report, because the newspaper be wrote already about the torturing they said the penis cut it off then they play with that, the GERWANI women.”– Dr. Arief Budianto (Shadow Play. Dir. Chris Hilton. Hilton Cordel, 2001. Documantary/online)


Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) tried to do coup d’état (taking government without power,) but it suppress by indonesian military.

The CIA supported General Soeharto and attempt to kill all the communist in Indonesia. But Soekarno couldn’t protect the PKI anymore and Soeharto forced Soekarno to give him the role to be in the position of the nation’s president. So then Soeharto became the president.

CIA was happy because they finally got what they wanted and PKI was destroyed. Soekarno’s power was taken away.


Origin of Lubang Buaya:

Lubang Buaya was established by the idea of Indonesian 2nd president, Soeharto. Soeharto inaugurated this monument on October 1st 1981. That is why in Indonesia we honor that day as “The Sacred Day of Pancasila” because one of the purposes of Communist Party of Indonesia was to change Pancasila to be more communist. Pancasila contains a lot of points that contrasting the idea of communism especially the first and the second principle of Pancasila, which are “Believe in God and only God” and “Just and Civilized Humanity”. Communist people don’t believe in God and religion. The limitation that I found from this place is that the events when army officers were killed on 1965 and the monument was build on 1981 which is more than 15 years after the real event happened.

The Lubang Buaya is located in Jakarta near “Halim Perdanakusumah Air Force Base”



What was the purpose of Lubang Buaya? 

Lubang Buaya, the name itself come from a legend that states that there was lots of white crocodile in the river near the area. In Lubang Buaya, there’s a big eagle sculpture and statues of the 7 generals. Right beside the lubang buaya there’s a Torture Veranda. Torture Veranda is a small house, which was the place where the three generals were tortured. The well is 0,75 in diameter and 12 meters deep. All seven generals corpse were thrown there.



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