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The Rocky Nine, 1957 (Desegregation – Brown Case)

Posted by Jae Lee in Humanities 10 on Monday, February 20th, 2012 at 5:02 pm

1.Why did the Rocky 9 want to go to Little Rock Central High?

The Rocky 9 wanted to go to the Little Rock Central High, because the school was like the best in that stage with better education system and resources. Also, Students, who were graduated from Little Rock Central High would more likely to be in the top colleges in U.S.


2. Why were they unable to get into school on the first day?

They were unable to get into school on the first day, because the governor of the state decided to use National Guard to stop the black students from entering the school and also, they were turned away to go back home.


3.What happened to Elizabeth Eckford on the first day?

Elizabeth Eckford walked alone to the school on the first day of school with the crowd of white people, who were racists behind her, threatening to kill her if she had entered the school. However, she was really lucky that there was a non-racism white women, who saved her from the surrounding.


4.What did Eisenhower and Feubus decided at their meeting?

President Eisenhower was very angry at the Governor Feubus of Arkansas by putting the National Guard in front of the school. What they decided at their meeting was to let the Black kids enter the school with the state police of protecting them and remove all the National Guard in front of the Little Rock Central.


5.What did Faubus do after the meeting?

The Governor Faubus replaced the National Guard with police but he asked them not to let the black students from entering the school, Little Rock Central.


6.What happened when the Rocky 9 got into school for the first time?

When the Rocky 9 got into the school for the first time, they were only in for 30 minutes because the police turned against the black, so they were brought in the car and drove away to home safely.


7.Why did Eisenhower send the military to Little Rock?

The President Eisenhower sent the military to Little Rock to get the Rocky 9 kids in the school and also for their protection to stay in the school.


8.What was Minnie Jean’s “chili incidence”?

Minnie Jean was a black girl student, who were in the cafeteira and one of a white students came in front on her and threw a chili on her. This was the one of the racism events and this chili incident was called “Chili Incidence”.


9.Why was Ernest Green’s achievement special?

Ernest Green’s achievement was very special, because he became the first african-american to graduate from all the previously white high schools and he would never been to NASA if he never had an education in Little Rock Central High.


10.What does this story tell us about federal and state government in America?

This story tells us about the federal and state government in America that the federal government is not racist and the federal laws can’t do anything against african-americans civil rights in America. This story also tells us about that the racism can only be over by high education system with desegregation. At last but not least, this was the most important event in ending the segregation in America.



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