TOK – Art

tumblr_marnbflEnG1re76hvo1_500For me this is a very artistic piece of art work.

It is because of the following elements that contain in this piece of art:

1. This is man made and have intentions to be qualify as art. To me art needs to communicate messages or to evoke emotions. Nature scene like sunset isn’t counted as art, because it doesn’t have anything intentions.

2. For a piece of art to be less artistic than others depends on its techniques used,   the actual content , and also the depth of the message convey to the audience.


For me, the panting used dark black  mixed with deep ocean blue to express the loneliness of the each individuals. In the middle of the picture glamorous vibrant color schemes are used.  The contrast between the dark background and the bright colorful roses creates a shocking image to the audience. The rich bright color of the roses represents the passion of the three characters in the picture. The creator used 3 colors of roses to represent the doubt of the ultimate reality. The two characters on the top of the painting are framed inside another painting. This coveys a message of the thought of everyone of us are fixed in frame. And we interpret the reality as what we want. Like the blue and yellow roses. Not only that, the frame can lead the audience to question what is reality? Does the pictures in the frame being less real than the reality we believed?


Then the creator used the bubbles in the background to show us three of the main characters are drowning.The girl at the bottom part of the picture showed the expression of pain and suffering. The three character reach hand in the middle showed the small connection between every individual. However, the loneliness background overwhelmed the whole image. In the middle of the painting pops out the ultimate theme of the painting: IB.



This is one of the most creative, innovative painting that explores the boundaries of art. This piece of art  is not only create for artistic purpose, but also communicate a deep life lesson to all IB students.