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Walking Meditation

Posted by Brian Duffy in Perception on Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 at 1:32 am



As we walk through the campus today, remain COMPLETELY silent. Try to focus on everything that you perceive with your five senses.

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  • Yin Lin says:

    Why do you think we have differences in our perceptions?
    Things we notice that others didn’t:
    - Plate of noodle
    - Paintings in Gajah Mada
    - Brightness

    Because we just take note of what we like and what is interesting to us (Personal Preferences).
    Because we don’t bother to notice some things/details.
    Hear, smell and touch is harder to avoid than sight, that’s why I notice the heat and smell of coffee but I don’t notice that plate of noodle on the table, nor the paintings in the office in Gajah Mada.

    • Brian Duffy says:

      Excellent comment! I like how you included personal preferences in your response, as well.

      For instance, I’m a musician, so I might notice musical things that a non-musician might completely ignore. What’s interesting to me is how that selection process occurs in the brain — we’re all HEARING the same thing, but the brain has ‘decided’ what it’s going to let us be conscious of…

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