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Empathy Presentations Round Up

Grade 10 Empathy Presentations on PhotoPeach

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  1. Johnny says:

    Yes it should be kept. Because it really let us developed a lot of discussion skills, and at the same time got us think about our world, and how can we make our world a better place to live in.

  2. Nicholas Koesnadi says:

    Yes, I think this unit is really worth to keep. Learning about empathy is important and it is one of the traits our community currently lacks. Open mindedness and empathy can help us to achieve world peace, develop our personality, and many more. Personally, this unit made me understand more about what really makes the world go round and how us living things develop and evolve to be a better individual with empathy as the key.

  3. Sally Ann Gething says:

    From this unit i have gained so much information, it have really opened my mind to new things and to my community especially the people around me. I really have enjoyed this unit because its not a regular class learning, it was like a learning about life. It was a life lesson, a lesson of understanding people from the inside, being more aware of other people’s situation, feelings and their perspective. Changing yourself into a better person because you are able to see things differently by stepping into other people’s shoes. By being a better person it creates us to become a better community. Not just that in this unit i have my first TED TALK, well actually my first presentation ever! i have always feared public speaking! i didn’t believe at myself at first but then i became persistence because i wanted to do well, and so i have created my luck. I actually enjoyed being up in the front saying what i think:) It have been a great, knowledgable and fun unit!

  4. Neeraj says:

    It’s all over, at last. I think the success is due to a good collective effort from everyone involved.

  5. Chiao I Yao says:

    I think this unit about empathy is really interesting and different in some kind of way. By meaning of different, I mean different from the units that we cover for our usual english class units in SWA. Because this unit inspires us and actually forces us out of our comfort zone to communicate with other people discussing what inspires empathy. I got kind of worried when we have to talk in front of 20 people because I don’t really like to talk in front of people watching me and putting pressure to me. But In the end all of us needs to present a 4-5 minute talk about empathy and everybody conquered that fear inside them and all of them did a great job! I thoroughly enjoyed this unit.

  6. Wi Yoo says:

    I think this unit about empathy really inspire me and increase my ability of being an empathy person. I feel different, I feel like, like a good friend, a kind guy with a heart what people call it. This unit in english class not only teach us a better english speaker but it forces us to be a better person. I felt I become a better performer by presenting in front of 20 people and I think I felt that they stepped my shoes, I really enjoy it. All of the classmates did a great job and I’m really lucky that me being persistence had make me a lucky person to sit in this class. Happy Holidays!

  7. Elena Lie says:

    I really enjoyed this unit. I particularly love the table talks and watching the videos as I thought they were really inspiring. I do find the presentation time really short and it’s hard for me to fully convey my thoughts in a 5-minute presentation. I really thought that through uncovering the guiding question of ‘what inspires empathy’ has inspired me to be more empathic myself.

  8. Muhammad Reyhan Anwar says:

    I believe empathy is a worthwhile unit to look at as it links to many different things in life and its philosophy. The unit has links to things like being compassionate, putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes and how it affects to our daily lives. The skills learnt throughout the unit should be useful through out the rest of our lives as an individual in a community. Not only that, it allows us to know more of ourselves, understand those around us and opening our eyes to new perspectives. These aren’t the kind of skills that is gained everyday. So yeah, empathy has been an interesting unit and for sure will be useful in the future.

  9. Min-sun Kim says:

    I think this unit was a great unit that everyone could participate and share their very own ideas. The table talks were absolutely great experiences where everyone could share their ideas, discuss with one another without much guidelines. I liked the videos like TED talks we watched to get us inspired. It was great to listen to inspirational people about empathy and understanding others. The presentations were really challenging for some of us. Speaking in front of the class might be hard, but the experience worth a lot. From the presentations, we could listen to others and hear detailed explanations about what others have in their mind about empathy. I think from this unit, I could learn what empathy is and how to build empathy with one another. It allowed me to open my mind and think about others and try to understand them. Overall, this was an awesome unit for everyone!

  10. Jiyeon says:

    It was great to watch people presenting their idea.
    Through the presentation they went through i realize that all people have their own ways of thinking linking to the guiding question ‘What inspire Empathy’

  11. Hyuna Hur says:

    I think this unit is a great unit. I would never imagined to learn about anything related to the human mind on an English class. Table Talk was a new experience, and I barely ever did say anything, but I enjoyed taking notes of others’ opinion on the topic. Obviously this unit was very nerve-wracking to me, but I think all the other students enjoyed it very much. Talking in front of 20 people isn’t really my thing, I do know that my presentation is lacking eye-contact, but it was new to me and even if I get to do i again, I probably would repeat the same mistake. So I’m satisfied again. And for the Guiding Question “What Inspires Empathy”, I think it should be kept just because I think it is more of a broad question, so students can build up on it more easily. That way, they will have more choices, especially when making their thesis statement. Basically, I really enjoyed the new experience.

  12. Gary says:

    I think that this unit the most educational lesson ever that I have in SWA. I never have felt this much bout a topic. I think that the way we study empathy through table talks, presentation and watching videos is the best way to influence what we think and let our thoughts out for other people to “absorb”. I have never imagined that today’s table talk would be so progressive, since in our first table talk, many people didn’t contribute many ideas. But in today’s table talk, I can see that many people just want to let their thoughts out and talk.

  13. Liam says:

    In this unit, I have absorb a lot of knowledge from the word, “Empathy”. I think that reading the book mice and men made by john Steinbeck and presenting our presentation is an essential thing to do because we have to understand what really inspires empathy and link to another source on how the character in the book empathizes each other. By doing the presentation, It displays that we understand the content inside the book and how the book along with the other sources have a connectivity to empathy.

  14. Andre Arno says:

    We could really empathize others by through other visual presentation; of what others feel being a host in front of big audience. Experiencing others is the fundamental knowledge from empathy. Empathy would be the key of success in the future, in the way of global partnership.

  15. Andrew Arismunandar says:

    It is the end of our english unit “empathy”. Overall it was probably the best english unit I’ve ever had. There are no other english unit that is able to connect with our daily lives. Empathy is also a skill that has shaped our world for so long. It is great to have a unit that is able to capture it. Not to mention the table talks that allows us to express our ideas about a particular topic (in this case it would be empathy). The table talk encourages confidence and critical thinking. This is a good unit that the next year should try out.

  16. GaHyeon Kim says:

    It was great for me to watch students’ presentation about ‘empathy’ to get the picture of how this class works.

  17. Dave says:

    I think this unit is really fun to learn more about, and also interesting to figure out how others feel and expressing their opinion.

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